Eagles in Llano, County, Texas

Llano county – 11/20/2014...my wife and I went to the Hwy 29 location where the Bald Eagle pair had been observed in the past. We had been hearing that they had returned, but we had not been able to see them on several trips to the location, but today, we found them.
Having never been here before, we were not sure where their nest might be located, we have been told they were seen just east of their old nest location (it fail to the ground last summer), so that didn’t help us. We were told that the old nest was next to the Llano river across from the west end of the unpaved area, so basically we were on our own!
No problem, we have all the time we need to find they new location. Today we went out there around 14:30, and decided to wait till after sunset. We parked on the west end of the unpaved area in hopes that we would be able to see them fly in. During our wait time we were both on the internet looking for photos that might give us a clue as to their new location, no such luck. One photographer had a photo of a tree top with an arrow indicating a location he had seen them fly into a couple of weeks back, but the photo was of a small area and we were unable to pinpoint the location. A wider angle would have been better suited for someone who had never been to the location before.
We were becoming more and more frustrated, even though we both knew that patience was the only way we would get what we wanted. All of a sudden, there they were, flying so gracefully and smooth, a flap of the wings carrying them on the wind currents that were invisible to us, yet to them, these beautiful American icons, it is a super highway! A wonderful sight to see in person, especially when they were only a hundred or so feet right over our heads, wow! We were admiring the amazing contrasting colors, and suddenly they split up and headed in different directions, one of them went down behind the trees in front of us, while the other flew over our heads, as if to get our attention, and then head in the opposite direction out of sight behind the trees to the west. Now we couldn’t find either of them! 
For more than 30 minutes we searched the sky, they seems to have vanished without a trace. Movement caught my eye in one of the trees about 1000 feet away, I took the spotting scope outside and lo and behold there they were, both sitting on a limb over the water of the Llano River. We drove down the viewing area to get a closer look, but to out surprise they were hidden behind the leaves. We ended up going back to the location that we had seen them. 
Bald Eagles of Llano, Texas
Bald Eagles of Llano, Texas Fall of 2014
I knew it would be a lucky shot if I would be able to get a good image of them because of the distance and light, but I was going to try. I put my new Tamron 16-300mm lens with a 2x teleconverter, on my Nikon camera, using a tripod at that distance was required. I zoomed in the full 300mm and by using the teleconverter, I was getting an effective 800mm, asp-c sensor. Because the light was going away and only being able to get the aperture to F/13, iso-800, I had way to much grain. I moved the iso, shudder and f-stop around and just was not able to get enough light on the sensor to capture a good image. I was disappointed, but once the leaves were gone I knew I should be able to get an acceptable image. I will also try with my Tamron 70-200mm, 2.8 lens, hoping that will give me more light to work with.