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Velvet Muley 2015 Grand Champion Photo - Brazos Valley
Velvet Muley
2015 Grand Champion Photo – Brazos Valley

Thank you for stopping by our Home on the internet. This page was developed to display our photography and offer our reflections on anything that comes to our mind. We will offer many different sides to all sorts of topics, some may be somewhat controversial, and others may be comments on travel, different locations, or maybe people. Whatever the content on site is, it is mine and may not be used in any fashion without my consent. All images and stories on this entire website are copyrighted and owned by Joseph L. Covington, all rights are reserved as such.

What We Do

Our business is not really a business; it is something that keeps our mind and body active during retirement. Not to mention the fact that we love the hunt for that one perfect photograph, the one shot that displays the glorious wonders found throughout God’s creation. We are hopeful of that the images we present will allow you to get pleasure from and experience the same emotion and passion that we experienced when we recorded each image. At this time, I do not offer any personal photographic services, i.e. wedding, portrait, engagement or similar type services, as we only provide photography within the below listed genres:

Landscape Photography

Floral and Plant Photography

Wildlife Photography

Structural Photography

Aphorism Photography

We will be offering general interest stories and articles (that may include some opinions) that come from within our circle of awareness. These items will cover a large range of interest and hope that you take them for what we intend them to be, thoughts and reflections about something that is of interest to us.  These articles will cover many subjects;

Travel related

Historical related

Theory related

Political related

Advise related

Personal observations

If you find something of interest,  enjoy and feel free to comment.

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